The Flint Ladies’ Choir is an all female choir based in Flint, North Wales. We were established in 2013 having our first ever rehearsal on February 14th of that year. We quickly grew to a staggering membership of around 80 choristers and have now settled at an impressive 68 or so with many of the original ladies who came to the first rehearsal. Our first public performance was on July 4th of that year performing as part of the successful Flint Festival, an engagement that we have been honoured to be invited back to year after year.

We have performed in both private engagements and our own organised concerts and have hosted the well established Dublin Male Voice Choir too which saw the venue packed to the rafters. We are directed by Gareth Furnival Hughes who has helped the choir develop to a high standard very quickly over the two years or so he has been with us, he has a unique way of teaching us that can be both intense and extreme fun and encouraging. We have lots of exciting things planned for our future including a return trip to the North Wales Choral Festival competition in November and a concert in Dublin in June of next year!

We are a fun, vibrant and diverse bunch of ladies from all walks of life and our repertoire is a good reflection of our eclectic mix of personalities.

The future is bright for The Flint Ladies’ Choir…learning together, growing together.

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The Flint Ladies Choir