The Flint Ladies’ Choir were established in 2013 having our first ever rehearsal on February 14th of that year. We quickly grew to a staggering membership of around 80 choristers and have now settled at approximately 60 or so with many of the original ladies who came to the first rehearsal. Our first public performance was on July 4th of that year performing as part of the successful Flint Festival, an engagement that we have been honoured to be invited back to year after year.

We support local charities, and hold our own Christmas concert – 9 lessons and carols – at the Flint Catholic Church. This is well supported and our favourite concert of the year.

We are directed by Gareth Furnival Hughes who has helped the choir develop to a high standard very quickly over the two years or so he has been with us, he has a unique way of teaching us that can be both intense and extreme fun and encouraging. We sing in four-part – Soprano One, Soprano Two, Mezzo (First Alto) and Alto sections.

We love singing with other choirs and travelling, when we can. So far, we’ve been to Dublin and Gwent, and we’ve made some great friends!

We’ve been recorded for BBC Radio 4 Sunday Worship, and look out for us on TV’s Songs of Praise – we sang with other choirs at St. Asaph Cathedral – both experiences were very memorable.

Our most spine-tingling moment, so far, was singing in Westminster Hall as guests of David Hanson, MP and president of our choir. David gave us a guided tour of the Houses of Parliament and we met many Welsh MPs. We’re looking forward to visiting the Senedd later this year to sing at our AM, Hannah Blythin’s invitation, which will be something special!

We were shortlisted in the final five of the 2017 Great British Proms competition. Although we won’t be singing at Bolesworth Castle this year, this was an amazing achievement and it’s definitely on our bucket list!

We have performed in both private engagements and our own organised concerts and have hosted the well established Dublin Male Voice Choir too which saw the venue packed to the rafters.  We have lots of exciting things planned for our future including a return trip to the North Wales Choral Festival competition in November and a concert in Dublin in June of next year!

Come and join us!


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Mel Buckley


e: littlemellyb@mail.com
t: 0742 6773 002

I have been a member of the choir since day one and I’m in the alto section. I love the togetherness of belonging to the choir and also the sense of joy and passion it brings to our members and our audience alike. I am dedicated and passionate about the choir on all levels, from performance, to organisation behind the scenes, I’m a doer rather than a sayer and enjoy rolling my sleeves up and being involved.

Outside of choir I like to read and love trivial knowledge, I also love eating out and enjoy a good party and social gathering!!!


Margaret Reid


e: theflintladieschoir@outlook.com

Tel: 01352 735515


Gareth Hughes

Musical Director

Gareth is from Mostyn and studied piano and trumpet at the Royal Academy of Music during which time he developed a keen interest in choral and vocal music. He performed widely as an accompanist during the 1980’s specialising in 20th century chamber music before later joining Yamaha Music UK in a development role. He has continued to pursue his love of choral music both as accompanist and conductor and has achieved notable successes at the National Eisteddfod and the Malta International Choral Festival.


Steve Green



Mags Dixon


e: magsdixon42@aol.com

I’ve been singing with the choir for almost as long as it’s beginning and really enjoy being part of a group of ladies who are all like – minded and love to sing. Have enjoyed singing in concerts with The Flint Ladies Choir and look forward to others we have planned.

Among my many hobbies are, reading, travelling, gardening and cooking.


Wendy Jones

Committee Member

e: wend.jones@btinternet.com

In January 2013 I met a couple of ladies in a cafe in Flint to discuss starting the choir, I am so glad I did as we are now going from strength to strength. I started as Chairperson to get the choir going and am now happy to be a member on the committee, I sing in the soprano 1 section.

I enjoy taking part in everything we do as a choir and have made many life long friends. I am very dedicated and passionate about our choir. I love singing, music, dancing, theatre, walking, travelling and socialising.


Bronwen Boyle

Committee Member

e: b.boyle486@btinternet.com

I have been a dedicated member of the choir since the very first practice on the 14th February, 2013. May I say that the choir has been one of the best things to have happened to me and to the town of Flint itself. I have since the age of 5 been involved with Welsh singing and have taken part in many competitions at Eisteddfods throughout Wales and have been lucky enough to have won on many occasions. I worked from 1958 to 1970 when I took time off to have my two lovely daughters. Restarted work in 1983 when my husband died up until 12 years ago. I am now enjoying retirement. Our wonderful choir has enhanced my life. Long may it prevail.


Donna Lewis


e: donnalewis1627@hotmail.co.uk
t: 0783 7879 625

I’m a member of the committee, And a part of the mezzo section. I joined The Flint Ladies Choir June 2014. Music has played a big part in my life, I am a singer/songwriter and I started performing / competing at venues in and around Wales at the age of 14.

When introduced to the choir in June 2014, I was amazed to see and hear such a large number of beautiful voices /ladies come together and sound as beautiful as they did in such a short period of time!! I thought to myself… If they can sound this amazing in just being a year old… Just where will they be in another couple of years??!!! I knew straight away I wanted to be a part of this beautiful sound. They are a fab bunch of ladies.. Like one big family, And our music director Gareth Hughes is taking us ladies from strength to strength. Gareth makes our weekly rehearsals very enjoyable.

I am a hairstylist/beautician and a kiddies party entertainer/dj and love spending time with my family


Lynne Jacobs



Wendy Lloyd

Stage Manager

e: wendy.lloyd52@icloud.com

I have been with the FLC since 2014. It is a pleasure and privilege to see our choir go from strength to strength, and to recognise the achievements we have made in a short space of time, I look forward to contributing to TFLC continued success.

Hobbies include. Music and dance, theatre, gardening, and socialising.


Lesley Fickling


The Flint Ladies Choir